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Example of the airspace map showing a portion of Johannesburg/Gauteng airspace.This airspace map shows pretty-much up-to-date view of South African airspace. You can click on airports to find out some very basic information about them.

How it's made: Aeronautical Data comes from the South African IAIP (including associated NOTAMs and Suppliments) as published by the CAA. The process starts with manually copying stuff from paper into a spreadsheet and ends with TileMill. Sprinkle a generous helping of VB code, Notepad++, and JOSM inbetween. Oh! And finally serve it up using a Leaflet script on a PHP enabled web server so you can show your friends. It all sounds quite complicated but it's simpler to handle when you break it up into little bits.

What is it? This is a slippy map that works very similar to how Google Maps works: the world is cut up into tiles of 256x256 pixels, then stiched back together in your browser when you view it. As you pan and zoom around different tiles are loaded to make the map appear continuous. This way your browser can react very fast, and only downloads the tiles you need.

OpenStreetMap: topographical data (roads, dams, etc) comes from OpenStreetMap.org, a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license.

Disclaimer: Provided as is with any defects3. This is not yet an aviation quality map and doesn't meet legal requirements for flight planning. Always check latest official info before flight. Use at own risk3.


If you're lost or unsure of your position, you may be pleased to know that you're at the third planet orbiting a star we call the Sun, in a galaxy we call the Milky Way. Be careful of strangers, but enjoy the sights 0, 1.


  • 0 This is a footnote.
  • 1 If you're not pleased to be here then please take the issue up with your travel agent. We can't help you
  • 3 You have been warned.
  • 2 I skipped a number and placed these out of sequence, just so you won't have to. The full stop was omitted for the same reason